Monday, July 16, 2012

It's all just a blur

What I do know is that I left home on July 1st and today is the first day I have had to take a breath. It was a whirlwind trip. I know there were dogs and sheep. I defiantly know there was large amounts of liquor. So to quote Wendy grab a cup of coffee and have a seat.

Sunday night we had a little get together. Mostly a bunch of women talking nicely about cooking, sewing and scrap booking. Oh and maybe some drunk phone calling and texting. 
We started off with a little baby firework at the Olds arena trial. The sheep were...... well a test of patience for dog and handler. After the first go there was only one pen and many DQ's or RT's. Both my dogs made it to the pen but that was it. Second go was a little better Meg got to the pen again and after Mack's third rerun we finally penned two. Thanks to the coaching of the peanut gallery. (Mostly Wendy "close the F*** gate) That gave Mack a second place, a spot in the finals and his second nursery leg. The finals was much the same tough sheep. In the end I think Mack finished up third(not sure). Congrats to Randy and Tuck.
A day off before the start of the Wild rose trial found Lisa and "grazing sheep". Then a trip to town for groceries and dog food (which I had forgotten).
The fireworks fizzled for me at the Wild rose trial. My dogs are not running to shit hot at field trials this year. I am planning on trying to rectify that this week and next week. Meg is short points for the finals and I only have one more trial left to get those points.

Joe had a good seat. 

But it made him sleepy watching all the action.

Lisa had a well needed great time with Ben at the Wild rose trial. It was a shock to all of us when she lost Kate(her open dog)  the week before. Ben is an up and coming superstar (one to watch in Klamath). He won reserve Nursery champion.

Lisa Lovin on Dexter

On Saturday we packed up and moved on to the Calgary Stampede. 
Where the tourist are treated like cattle.

The camping is always a challenge at Stampede. It is worse than zero degree lot lines. My trailer is 40 feet long not including my truck. It is always a test of my driving skills. We picked up an extra princess along the way. 

Don't let this smile fool you. Lara Forchuk is one mean competitor and really knows how to party. Needless to say she fits right in. Day one ended with Lisa and Ben in the top spot and Lara and Meg second. The princess power was rockin it. Day two the sheep changed dramatically. They went from sweet and forgiving to take no prisoners. I ran dead last with Meg and knew all I needed to do was pen my sheep. And pen them I did with 3:45 just under the wire. That sealed our spot in the finals.
I ran second in the finals. My plan was to run fast but also try to run clean too. In the past I have tried to whip and spur my way around the course and it usually bit me in the ass. It all worked to my advantage. I penned my sheep with a time of 1:53.

In the end Dale Montgomery beat me by 12 seconds. That left Meg and I with the reserve championship. As an added bonus I also won the sponsors choice trailer. Thanks you to Bar T 5 trailers

The Princesses 
In order of appearance.
Kristi Oikawa, Me, Lisa Wright and Lara Forchuk

I love this picture of Dale. It just came to me when the fireworks started.
2012 World Stock Dog Champion 

The night ended in us closing down the Bulls Eye Beer Gardens.

Jimmy and Janet Walker ( Love them), me, Lisa, Lara, Dale and Don Grant.

Calgary Stampede is not to be missed. If you ever get an opportunely to go don't pass it up. The dog trial is more than just an arena trial. The lights, music, thousands of people, and jumbotron enough to make you forget you flanks.

Thanks to my photographers and videoographer.


Louise Liebenberg said...

What a party and well done!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Just so happy for you, and you really deserved that trailer for all you do Louanne. Thanks! Donna

Billy said...

Congratulations! It was so exciting to watch Calgary this year on the livestream. :-) You did good!!