Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ring of Fire

A couple of years ago I referred to the shedding ring to be like a ring of fire. And nothing could be more harder for me. Well fortunately that opinion has changed. But like most people I need to improve skills and can always use a reminder of where things have gone wrong. This weekend I went down to Alta-Pete Stockdogs for a shedding clinic. The first day covered regular shedding, second day was on the marked shed and the third day was the international shed. The used Craig for the first day and a half. He held up pretty good. He was a little sore the first night so I gave him some Medi-cam. The second day he was not sore at all. I brought out the big guns for the marked shed and the international shed. Meg was more than happy to step in.

As usual life on the road is very hard on Joe

Photo proof that Craig indeed can "lie down"
(photo by Jenny Glen)

Also have photo proof that Meg does in fact have another gear.
Shannon actually said
"man is that dog fast" Something that has never said about Meg.
This white ewe bolted for the barn and Meg had to pull out the niturous to stop her. And stop her she did.

(photo by Jenny Glen)

Always happy to listen while Scott imparts his wisdom.

Meg makes another good save during the international shed.

(photo By Jenny Glen)

As usual I failed at taking pictures. Thank goodness my friends are more proficient at photography.

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Monique said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Sorry I missed it!