Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Princesses in southern Saskatchewan

Naomi (apprentice princess) and I made the long trek down to Wendy Schmaltz's trial. I am so glad I carry all my princess essentials with me because this is not the kind of place for Princesses. I told Wendy when I arrived "you are a better woman than me". Even though it was far this was a fantastic trial. The sheep were a nice challenge and the scenery was beautiful. We will defiantly be back next year.

As always the Palace was the place to be seen at.

The new princess is working out just fine.
Check it out a pink hat too.

Right down the middle.
Naomi is a much braver handler than I was in my first year. 
Trialing on yearling range ewes in the nursery class.
Watch out kids she is going places.

(photo by Wendy Schmaltz)

(photo by Wendy Schmaltz)
It took Meg and I two days to get our shit together. Finally on the third day we had it all together and had a good run. No finals points for us but lets keep our fingers crossed we make it in with what we have.

My Nursery dog was consistent. We were one of only two dogs to get a score the first day. Not a great score but it turned out not to matter. After three days the reserve nursery champion was mine to lose. All we needed was a score.

Mack had other ideas and decided to go visit the kids at set out.
So I walked off.

In the end a great time was had by all. It may take me until next year to get all the dust out of my trailer.

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