Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis the Season to help the less fortunate

In our house the less fortunate means the four legged kind. When I lived in Red Deer, I managed a pet store. we helped out Shauna at Misty Creek rescue when we could. When I heard that Shauna was over run with puppies and was desperate for foster homes over the holidays. I decided that we could help out. When I contacted the foster coordinator and explained how I knew Shauna and would like to help out by taking a couple of puppies. She knew just the right puppies for me. She had two border collie pups that were slated for euthanasia in the next day and the shelter had no room to take them in. I was more then happy to take them in. Kyle was adamant that we take both pups.

So I met with Shauna in Vulcan and picked up the pups.

Enter Earl and Eddie.

They are suppose to be 4 months old but I suspect they are a bit older. I also suspect that they have a little more then border collie in them. From what I know they have spent most of their lives at animal control in Taber. They are both over weight and out of shape.
Earl is the more " No you come to me" type of dog. He would rather sit on my feet then play with the dogs. Looks to much like work.
Eddie on the other hand is full of energy and ready to take on anything.
Finger crossed that my good deed goes unpunished.

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manymuddypaws said...

they are certainly very cute!