Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nursery Finals or Bust

My goal for 2008 is to get Kipp qualified for the USBCHA Nursery Finals. The finals are being held at Sturgis, South Dakota this year. Working toward this is going to be more work for me than it will be for Kipp. I think I was born missing the competitive gene. I am way to laid back of a person to really get anywhere in competitive dog sports. OK, I call it laid back others may call it lazy. I love working my dogs but just not so much when I am by myself. I would rather drive 2 hours and work dogs with a group of friends then go the 100 feet behind my house. So I am asking my friends to help motivate me. Anyway you see fit nagging phone calls "Are you working your dogs" or harassing e-mails whatever you think will work. Because in my head I have already decided that I am going to the finals weather my dog qualifies or not.

I am looking forward to trialing season to begin. This year I will be running Isla in Intermediate and Kipp will be running Nursery as well as Intermediate. First chance for my little man the get a qualifying leg is January 26.
We still have alot to work on. But I have been trying hard to work on what a wise man told me. I find that I second guess myself when I work my dogs alone (Was that out run to tight or good enough.) I try fixing things that I think are not good enough and end up making mistakes in other places. These dogs can out think you before you even know what has happened. That is what I love about them always challenging you to do better because if you don't step up they will do it for themselves.
So remember friends I want to hear from you.

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