Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I learned yesterday

Back in the days of the old west people were always prepared for the worst. But nowadays we take convenience for granted. We all knew a big cold snap was coming for almost a week. But me being an extreme optimist thinks ah it won't be that bad.
The following is a list of things I learned to be prepared for.
When a person is living in their holiday trailer make sure you stock up on propane. Apparently when it gets to a certain temperature below freezing gas stations can no longer sell propane because it turns to gel. So we are running on our last half a tank of propane.. A quick trip to Canadian Tire to buy up the few remaining electric heaters will do in a pinch.
Another rather important point make sure you have an extension cord plug in your truck.If not it is good to know the a half a tank of fuel will do when your truck runs all night.So that you can go to town in the morning and buy an extension cord. Also it is much better to look for your block heater cord in the daylight instead of in the cold with a flashlight.
Stock up on food if you don't want to go out grocery shopping.

All things I did wrong and have learned my lesson.

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