Friday, January 25, 2008

Just say the word mom

I have never worked cattle with any of my dogs. In fact I don't think my dogs had ever seen cattle before we got some of our own. They were curious but really didn't care what they did.
Then one day in August last year the neighbours cows got out and I decided to take Isla to help watch gates while we tried to move the cows. One heifer decided to try and make a break for the gate and Isla was like "I don't think so. over my dead body" Well she grab that girl by the nose and was not letting go until she turned back. Well she did turn her and brought her back to the rest. The whole time I was panicking that my little girl was going to get hurt. I kept thinking What have I done. Well that was the beginning of Isla's obsession. She is so keen to work cows that one time I sent her out to gather sheep and she went through the fence to the next field and gathered the neighbours cows. I kept calling her back. Once the cows started to move off her she stopped and wondered were I was and then heard me calling her and came back.

Now everyday when we go for our walk Isla has to be at the ready just incase I say the word.

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