Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Deer Trial

Went to the Red Deer trial last weekend. I thought I had both dogs working good. Red Deer trial is a timed arena trial. We were running on dog broke Dorper sheep.
Kipp's first run was pretty good and we ended up second after the first run. Isla had a good run going up until the chute. At the chute we ran into some problems and ended up gripping off. By the time Kipp was to run his second run he was so wound up he could hardly stand still. Not a good sign. He got sticky on me and then decided to grip in dramatic style. Kipp is still trying to get used to being on the road trialing. Hopefully after this year under his belt he will start to settle down. Isla second run looked beautiful. However when she came around the post I could see that by the look in her eye she was tired of pushing the sheep around the course. So we had a little discussion and got her to backed off. But when she rounded the she to turn for the chute she gripped off. At 3 years old she just doesn't have the patience yet but that will come with time. In the end not a very good trial for us. I will put it in the books as a learning experience.

Next on the trial trail is the Calgary Stampede Stock dog shoot out. I decided to take the plunge this year and enter Isla. After the Red Deer trial it could be interesting. But if I have learned anything from watching the Stampede trial it is that anything can happen.

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