Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To grandma's house we go

We deiced to move our cows this weekend to our place at Lacombe so they could graze down some of the grass. My mom has an acreage on the same property so we made a long weekend of it and took all the dogs. The dogs love to go to grandma's house so much to do it is like summer camp.
Lots of toys and Butch to through the toys all day

Miles of trails
with wildlife to chase(sorry deer were back!!)

Grandma does have one hard and fast rule. No dogs allowed in the garden

Whoops how did that get in there
(good Risky)

My mom learned very quickly that when you are picking vegetables out of the garden you don't leave the basket unattended or the dogs will gladly empty it for you. My dogs love their veggies.

1 comment:

Paul Maurice Martin said...

Great photos, had no idea dogs liked veggies, none of ours ever did.

Maybe they would have lived longer with the antioxidants...