Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend report

Sorry to all my demanding readers that this post is two days late. (Lani) Well now that my first time open runs are over I have time to reflect. And really not that scary. Isla decided to pull some new tricks out of her hat. Like stopping short on her outrun. She was really pushy and not a good thing on dog broke hair sheep. They tend not to be very forgiving. I found my self wondering what is the most time a person has blown their steady whistle during a run. Really this was to be expected as it was a long winter and I didn't get to work my dogs as much as I would have liked. The weather was a little chilly. The fire was a popular place to sit and stay warm.
Lani and Jo always smilingI decided to give the pups some separated time. Bracken stayed home with Kyle and Craig came along with us. He made some new friends and learned about staying in a crate by himself.

Preparing for the shed

Two weeks to practice up for the next trial. Much closer to home. This time I get to take the trailer out for the first time this year.


WalkOn Border Collies said...

Nice report and photos! Do we ever look COLD! Monday was the 18c and sunny that we were supposed to get!
You know some of these 'words' they come up for verification should be real words: "toencie" is the condition one gets when one's feet are freezing off at a sheepdog trial.

Welsh shepherdess said...

Congrats on your first Open trial...the first of many! The beauty of being an 'inexperienced' handler (hope you don't mind me saying that) is that life is full of dogs doing things at trials they never do at home. But, imagine what life would be like if there were no surprises. Yawn!