Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter trip

On Saturday we headed off to my mom's for Easter. Loaded up the truck with seven dogs and three humans. The pups are getting very well traveled.


and Craig

They socialized with small children

Lets try this again
Socialized with kids

Ah forget it we never did get a good picture of the pups with my nephews after 20 takes we gave up.
Risk turns out to be a wise puppy raiser and is super patient with the pups. He is now a year old and is maturing into a very handsome boy.


Lynda said...

Risk is very handsome!!! He looks great!
Bracken, I am afraid to tell you, is another Isla....
I think you have two intense dogs.
Bracken is going to be head down, ass up worker. ( a good thing)
Craig is going to be a little stinker for awhile

Donna Brinkworth said...

I LOVE their names! I knew a Bracken (GSD) when I was a teenager; a gorgeous gray sable and wonderful dog. Good karma with that name! Have fun!