Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMG!! OMG!!!

Leaving for Vernon tomorrow morning for the Coldstream Classic SDT. I have entered Open for the first time and I seem to be running out of time to cram. I plan on watching Alasdair's shedding DVD all night. In the last couple of days I have found myself forgetting the shedding rules. Oh please I have seen a million sheds over the years.
Lets all put our hands together and pray to the dog trailing gods. Good weather, safe travels and perfect runs. In case you need a visual here is a picture of one of my paint scrapping turns from Coldstream last year.


Kara said...

Good Luck Louanne, safe trip can't wait to hear how it goes. If you remember take some pictures : )

Jodi said...

Good luck! Have someone take LOTS of pictures and post them for us!

WalkOn Border Collies said... is Tues nite! Where are your pictures??? I know, I are scared to post before I do. haha