Monday, October 5, 2009


Threats were made, Some feeling were hurt and then I decided to blog. Just kidding. Not really there were some threats but in all honesty she was right it was time to blog. Now that the last piece of Oregon dust is washed from the truck and my clothes. I have sufficiently caught up on my farm duties. I can fill you all in on our trip. We had a great time. Sunday night started with some really good fun lead by my new Californian friends who want to remain anonymous because of his teaching job.

Lets just say Monday was not a fun day. I spent most of the day in bed or laying down. Monday afternoon I had to drag my ass to the practice field. Not a good idea. The sheep weren't great. Lesson learnt.

Enough said about Monday.

Isla and I ran early Tuesday afternoon. The sheep were tough. Some said as tough as Meeker sheep. We got around the course but due to Isla incredibly slow lift we timed out at the shed and left 40 points on the field. Ended up with a 100. Not bad for our first time but I knew Isla could have done better. As each day went by I started to feel better and better about our run. Funny. Not sure if it was the amounts of alcohol consumed or my lack of memory. Who cares.
The rest of the week went by so fast and before we knew it, it was Finals Sunday. Saw some really good runs with some of the best turn backs I had ever seen. Sunday night we all went out for Mexican food and a local restaurant. Monday we hit the road for home. We found a couple of strays along the way.

George with his dogs Gyp and Kate.

Wendy had an unfortunate incident with her vehicle in central Oregon and need a lift. Including her 13 dogs.

We spent the night in the Cabelas parking lot in Post Falls, ID. I must say Cabelas is the best kept secret. Nobody there except other dog riff raff (Scott & Jenny). We pulled in with our 18 dogs and got a good nights sleep.
Not sure if we will make it to Finals in the east next year. But it would be nice to go somewhere other than sagebrush dust balls.


Pat Grannan said...

Hey - I know your new anonymous California friends. Looks like you got them in their native habitat exhibiting typical behavior.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I'll send oyu some cute pixs of Lisal to cheer you up

Jenny Glen said...
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Jenny Glen said...

See! Now was that so hard? Don't make me threaten you with bodily harm again. Just do the post!