Saturday, December 5, 2009

Half time show for the snow storm

I never listen to the weather mostly because in Alberta the weather forecast changes every ten minutes. Well not this time we were told to batten down the hatches. Kyle put up extra straw bales for wind breaks and I brought my sheep home from Jerry's. One thing Kyle neglected to do was put the bucket on my skid steer. Hard to move snow when you have no bucket. Even harder to get out of the shop when the door is covered with a ten foot drift. When you have no trees to stop the wind all the snow collect behind whatever is in it's way. Luckily I had plugged one of the tractors in last night. After the Skid steer was freed from the clutches of the shop I spent the rest of the morning rescuing our cattle from being trapped behind drifts.As a side note all of these pictures were taken with my blackberry. My camera seems to have died. Yeah for me. New camera for Christmas.

There is about 20 sheep in here somewhere.

This year I put up snow fence on the north side of my outdoor arena in an effort to stop the snow from filling it up. Well for those of you that know what a fail is this is a snow fence fail.

The arena is 100 x 200 and the fence is 4.5 feet tall. All of it half full of snow. My round pen didn't fair much better.

Looks like I am going to be digging out for a couple of days before I do anymore working of dogs.

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An English Shepherd said...

Pics came out well for a phone.

Lovely snow :-)