Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Here

Yes, boys and girls winter is upon us.
Tis the season for three layers of clothing and bringing in the dogs in at night. Also the season for donuts in parking lots. That's right you guessed it my baby boy had his first run in (that I know of) with the police. Saturday night I received a call from the local police saying if this was what my son was up to he didn't want any of it in his town. $402 stunting ticket later. Luckily he has been saving up to buy stuff for his truck so he has some cash lying around. He was out looking for job after school today.
Not sure where time has gone. All his shenanigans is making me feel really old. In fact I think I saw some grey hair tonight. Which reminds me to pick up my two cases of wine.
Not much else going on around here. Snow on the ground and probably here to stay.


Lynda said...

you will survive.....the red wine will help and so will your dogs.
The dogs are alot less worry then teenagers.
Good he had his own money for the fine.
I survived 4 boys, you will make it thru the 1.

Joan said...

hehehe......You'll make it Louanne......I survived two boys that are 13 months apart. They are responsible adults now, with kids of there own. Totally amazes me! I'm not really that old, really I'm not!