Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My new addiction

Kyle has certainly created a monster with my birthday present. The OCD in me really comes out when I am moving snow. Things have to be just in the right spot. I am getting really good at driving the Skid Steer. We have giant piles of snow everywhere.

Moving snow comes with some casualties as well.

Whoops!! Did you know there are no rear view mirrors on a skid steer.

All the animals are happy to be dug out just in time for round two. We here there is snow and wind coming again this weekend.
I am not without my talents. I found out I am gifted at snow sculpture.

I still have one big task to finish. The arena.

However my Skid Steer is DOA this afternoon with a flat tire.


livin life said...

I could not do it.....I do think moving the snow sounds like fun...it is just living with the snow that would kill me! You go girl! Will you take a picture of the Skid Steer....I am not sure I have ever seen one. Oh and be sure to get to the store for the wine...before the next storm hits..k?

Jenny Glen said...

Well fix that tire and get your a** down here and work on our place!

Anonymous said...

when you "here" something you actually "Hear it"

WalkOn Border Collies said...

does the Skid Steer have a heater? How about a picture of the big unit? I can relate; I did some plowing with a tractor in Wms.Lk and was quite addicted. LOL