Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy week

Last week was such a weird week. Lots of trauma for many of us. I will fill my readers in at a later date once all parties involved have healed some. I remember saying to Jerry a couple of weeks ago how unsettled I felt. I think woman's intuition was kicking in or maybe I am just a little physic. Tonight I am board and wondering what people did before television. I have been thinking about getting a little dog lately. It was almost one year ago that we lost my JRT to old age. I have vowed after that, that I would never get another little dog. Well never say never. This holiday season a couple of Chihuahua's wormed there way into my heart. What little characters they were. Kyle says "no". Of course it would have to be a rescue. I found this litter girl on petfinder.
There is also a rescue close by that rescues dogs from Mexico and brings them here.


Donna Brinkworth said...

You know what Louanne, I have always said when I get a little dog it will be a Chihuahua. I love them. If your intuition is speaking, sometimes it is important to listen! Glad to hear the punchline, that all is well.

Emma Rose said...

Follow your heart and good luck! There is a little one out there that needs you :) Halley is adorable!