Tuesday, March 16, 2010

guardian dogs update

Some of my readers have been asking me about how my guardian dog is doing. I thought I could fill you all in. When I first bought sheep some six years ago or more now ( I keep saying I only started six years ago because it makes me feel younger) I also went out and bought a guardian dog too. A cute little ball of fluff we call Hercules. Kyle and I failed that test miserably. Mostly I blame Kyle because he is not here to defend himself. As Herc got older he needed a drag put on because he was playing with the sheep and kyle wouldn't let me put one on because he thought it was mean. Well some six years later we are almost at the same point. Kyle however is more jaded and hardened to the fact. So he is letting me train the dogs like they are suppose to be trained. I will say training guardian dogs is one of the hardest things I have done. Some days I wake up and feel like I am in guardian dog hell. 
Strider is doing good. He has been here for almost four weeks now. I would say in the last five or six days he has really changed. In the morning he goes out with the sheep. Trying hard not to chase or play with them. When I rescued Strider from the pound they said he was about two years old but I really think he may just be a year old. When he runs he looses track of his legs and falls down. Kind of like Bambi learning the walk. The afternoon is spent lounging by the hay resting for a nights work. At night he seems very efficient. He will walk the fence and will growl but only barks if he feels threatened. 

He is really starting to grow on me so I hope he keeps up the improvement. Look at this face and tell me how you could not love it.

When I got Strider I was still looking for another dog because I was not sure Strider would work out and I really need two dogs anyways because of my game fence the dogs can not jump the fence and go to the other pasture of sheep. I found a gentleman who was in the middle of a divorce and needed to place his dogs in working homes. He answered all my questions and I drove to the US border to pick the dogs up. They have been here for just over a week and some days they are a nightmare. The first couple of days the would get out and then I could not catch them. They are borderline feral. The female I can catch the male not so much. I was told they work very well as a pair. That is why I got both of them. They grew up with goats and I was told they should make an easy transition the sheep. So far that has not been the case. All they do is bark and then run at the sheep. The female is the big trouble maker. The male is to fat and lazy to do it on his own. I am hoping like Strider it will just take some time for them to settle in. Strangely enough they are already way better then the first couple of days here. Kyle and I call them dumb and dumber. The good thing about them they do keep the coyotes away.

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Jenny Glen said...

Good dog Strider! Akbash RULE!