Monday, March 8, 2010

Iditarod the last great race

I have always loosely followed the Iditarod. But this year I actually know someone who is running so I am watching it more closely. Karen Ramstead is Lisa's neighbor. To many sheepdog trailing seems extreme until I point out how much more extreme sled dog racing is. I have 6 dogs where as Karen has 60-70 dogs. I admire all the racers and their commitment to their sport. Heck is was snowing and windy here today and I didn't work my dogs. Lisa sent me a neat website to follow the racers through their GPS on their sleds

Good luck to Karen and her team.

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gvmama said...

Thanks Louanne. I will root for her and her dogs. 1 degree F today on the iditarod trail and I was wimpering about 30 degrees and a bit of wind while working my dogs today.