Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just like every other Sunday

Today was a usually day. Up early ( OK Scott I mean 8:00 AM). Even though I consider my self a non worker type. I manage to keep my days busy. Most days I give herding lessons to all sorts of breeds. Today I decided to take pics of some of my students.
First up was Gwen. She stopped by for a little sheep time with her Rotti's Lucy and Logan. I love Gwen always a hoot to hang out with. She has done some fabulous things with her dogs. Worked very hard to get them where they are. I believe she has been asked to do a herding demo at this years Calgary Stampede

Donna and her Aussie Oliver came out to have some fun. Oliver has only been on sheep a couple of times but stays off his sheep nice and is very easy to handle.


Bill and his Belgian Tervuren Quest. Quest has been on sheep a fair amount and has lots of talent. Last week her was been silly and learn what it means for me to get off the fence and back up Bill. He also learned how proficient I am at through that stick to protect my sheep. This week was much better.


Diane and her Aussie Raven. Diane gets the most dedicated award of all my students and it has paid off. This winter Raven moved to working in the big field. Diane has been coming here for lessons for a year and a half. 


TJ And Jet. Jet happens to be a son of my dog Rob. Jet is 9 months old and this was his first time on sheep. He is super keen and did well for his first time on sheep. Look forward to seeing how his grows up.

Missing from today pictures are 
Katrina and her St. Bernard. First time on sheep. I have to thank Gwen for helping me out with this dog too. He is a big boy and I needed some back up in case things went crazy. In the end he was really a big teddy bear. He didn't do to bad for a non herding breed.

Trevor and his Kelpie Chevy. Trevor is a local rancher who comes for the occasional lesson. Chevy is his two year old female out of Jerry's Jed. Chevy is so cool to work with. So easy to handle and does everything I ask. Even though this is only her third time on sheep. Nice change of pace from working Risk.

The wind was blowing like a Hurricane all day which sometimes made the sheep and dogs at silly. Right now I am enjoying a well deserved glass (sorry Lynda I mean Bottle) of wine.

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