Thursday, July 8, 2010

Packing yet again

Today is turning out to be a busy day. Thankfully my lessons cancelled. I am getting ready to head out to Wendy's trial and then zip into Calgary for the Stampede trial. My dogs are running like shit right now. But I am looking forward to Stampede as it is always fun. Lots of unhealthy things to eat. Jenny and Lisa will be joining me on this eat till you want to puke trip. On this trip we have a tradition. The person who wins the most buys MacDonald's for the rest of us on the way to Stampede.
Got a call this morning from thee John Scott (head movie wrangler extraordinaire) looking for sheep and dogs to ride on a float in the Stampede parade. They guy who was suppose to do it back out at the last minute. I unfortunately can not do it because I will be at the trial but I have enlisted some friends and five of my sheep to help out. Wish I could do it.
On another note. If you drive by my house and it looks abandoned that is because my lawn mower has been broken and we have been waiting for parts for three weeks. I am about to go postal on John Deere in High River. Or just tell them to forget it I bought a Kabota instead.
Some other very exciting news. A Unicorn has been located and should touch down in Calgary next Thursday. Stay tuned for updates.

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WalkOn Border Collies said...

whoohoo tell us more about the unicorn!! good luck at calgary. My pals, Rose & Nancy left this morning. I am jealous that they will go to Red Lobster tomo. nite. lol