Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the hell day is it

I am getting lost in a swirl of dog trialing, house building and genuine debauchery. I am not even sure what day it is anymore. The Irricana trial is best left behind us. Sheep were tough and the dogs didn't try to hard. On to Calgary. I think this may have been the most fun at the Stampede so far. I have no pictures due to the fact that we were having to much fun. The first day we made it to the pen and then timed out. Lisa had a smoking run and hung on for 5th place by the end of the day. There were very little pens the whole two days. The second day Isla ran like a top and we penned at 2:50. That would be my first official time I have penned at the Stampede. And that run was good enough to get me into the finals. This year Lara Forchuk joined our gaggle of girls. Lara's goal was not to embarrass her self. The second go she had an awesome run and placed first for the go. Our motto for the stampede was "sacrifice the body". If you are not willing to sacrifice the body than you don't want to win bad enough. Lara proved to us how much she wanted it by making the ultimate sacrifice and getting down on her knees at the pen in the finals. In the end a ewe jumped right over her and escaped. I believe Lara will have a scar to remember her first Stampede. Isla and I got a tough draw in the finals. She tried very hard for me and basically pushed them around the course. In the end we finished 13th. Congrats to Dave Claypool and Glen. Reserve Champion is Wendy Schmaltz.
I have a week off and the we are off to Northern Alberta to Dennis Gelling's trial. With a stop over at Karen Ramstead's to do some sled doggin.


Donna Brinkworth said...

Louanne, I was so thrilled to watch you on the live stream and Isla was just awesome. She did push those sheep and you handled her so beautifully, I loved your run, way to go!!!!! I have to live vicariously through you these days, LOL

Monique said...

Kristy O. did post a few pics of Isla at the Stampede on her FB - Including Isla on the JUMBOTRON :)

gvmama said...

Rooted for you and Isla watching on UStream. Isla did a beautiful job with you at the helm with a group of fiesty sheep. Congrats!