Friday, November 5, 2010

Just me and the girls

At least I am having a good time the girls look like they might kill each other.

Me and the girls are gone for a week long road trip running at three arena trials in a row. I am camped out at Penny's house in Beaumount for the week. Yesterday we traveled east 2.5 hours to Lloydminster. The arena was small and the course was complicated with no retries allowed I felt like I was in the middle of a Nintendo Brain Age game. My head literally hurt after the first run. I was so busy trying to think of the course I had a hard time getting my dogs to run good. Isla was "on the muscle" and was not listening. Five dogs went to the finals and she missed it by a couple. This was little Meg's first ever arena trial and she had fun. So much she missed some flanks and forgot her new comebye whistle. So I changed to voice instead. Very proud of our Lisa and Hope for winning the whole sha bang and a Calcutta to rival Vegas.
Today was a me and dogs day. Penny took this picture of the girls and me at the park this morning.   While in Edmonton there are some must do's. I know hard to believe Calgary doesn't have everything. Went to G & E Pharmacy for some shopping. This store is a cornucopia (big word for Jerry) of all things especially dog stuff. Then it was off the West Edmonton Mall and the Victoria Secret store.
Apparently tonight Penny is taking me for the best Indian food in Alberta. To a girl born in Saskatchewan and raised on a ranch in Alberta I wouldn't know good from bad Indian food if I had a gun to my head.
Tomorrow off to work dogs at Corey Perry's and then to the big smoke of Mayerthorpe for a two day arena trial.
Stay tuned for more hyjinx I am sure.


sheepkelpie said...

That's a great picture!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Love that photo! Penny should write an article revealing the exploits, lol