Monday, November 8, 2010

Has anyone seen my Mojo

Couple of things I learned about Mayerthorpe. There is nowhere to eat after 8:00PM, the hotels are sketchy at best and I can not run dogs well there.
Saturday was the start of the Alberta Arena finals in Mayerthorpe. The first day went well for me Isla was in the top ten and Meg wasn't to far behind her. After a night of Pizza pop supper from the Esso station and a some alcoholic beverages with Clint and Anita the next day didn't go so well. Sometime in the night my mojo was sucked from my body. Odd because I never woke up during the sucking out process. Sunday I could not pen the sheep to save my life. When others had the sheep just run into the pen I struggled over and over again. Isla had a smoking run going and then nothing. I am hoping things go better the next couple of days. We are in Edmonton at the farm Fair International which run in conjunction with the Canadian Finals rodeo. Also means lots of cute cowboys.Yummy! Wendy couldn't sleep last night in anticipation of seeing cute cowboys and their butts.
The only pictures I took at the trial were for Lisa and Sue Main. This by far is the fanciest outhouse I have seen. Everybody was going on and on about it.

Starts out looking like a normal out house. We were all dreading going in it.

Then when you finally can't wait any longer you go in and WOW!

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