Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today my babies turn Two years old.
All Ready to take on the world.

Finn 8 weeks old

Finn today. 

Jen tells me he is almost ready to trial in agility.

Thanks Jen for the pictures

Craig at 8 weeks old

Craig today 

Craig has turn into a handsome man.
I am looking forward to trialing him this year.
Thanks to Jenny Glen for the pictures.

Bracken At 8 weeks

Syn at 8 weeks

Even at 8 weeks they were hard to tell apart.
They had a group shot today and I had to really look to see the difference.

They both think the camera is going to steal their soul.

This picture helped me to see the difference.
Bracken is on the left and Syn on the right.
Both girls will be running nursery this year. Syn will be under the guidance of Jenny and Bracken will be handled by Scott Glen at least for the spring run and then I will be taking over the rains. 
Thanks to ever so patient jenny Glen for sending me these pictures of the girls.


An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures

Happy Birthday :-)

Donna Brinkworth said...

Great shots! Love the pics of Craig especially. So neat to see them grow up.