Monday, February 28, 2011

sympathy votes please!!!

Tomorrow is March 1st. Two an a half months until the Bluegrass and a couple weeks until Craig comes home from his winter retreat. Can't help but thinking this winter is never going to end. I really need to work my dogs and get them into shape.

Our Tractor is DOA in the bull pen

Thank goodness we have two tractors.
Tractor number two thought she was in retirement and needed a little jump to get started

This was my date for the afternoon. Everybody needs food and somebody had to plow the way out to the field.

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Louise said...

Oh how I can sympathize with you. Instead of snow we had heavy rain yesterday melting the snow down to about 10inches followed by overnight (-13)flash freeze. We are left with the world's largest skating rink! Spring seems so far away at this point.