Monday, April 11, 2011

Less than stellar

That is how I would describe my performance at the arena trial this weekend. My dogs are not at fault just me. My head was not in the game just like Tiger Woods on Sunday at the Masters tournament. I was however very happy to be there and visit with all my fellow dog people. I even had a fan write my name on his stomach and cheer for me on Sunday. Shout out to Bryce. Thanks for the support.
Today it was back to the daily grind of fighting snow and now water and mud. Our ewes are due to starting lambing today but they are all looking happy and content for now. I guess they are in no hurry.
Soon I will have all sorts of cute lamb pictures for the blog.


Marwin The Misunderstood Wizard said...
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An English Shepherd said...

I am sure it will come right at the next trail :-)

An English Shepherd said...

Opps I ment trial !!!