Thursday, April 28, 2011

There are no excuses

Well that is a total lie. There are plenty on excuses for not blogging for the last two weeks or so. Lambing started and never stopped. We were done lambing in two weeks flat. Our ram was a busy boy. I have tried very hard to get those cute lamb pics and have failed epically. These are a couple of the best ones.

All this has left Bear terribly bored. He is too young to be with the ewes and lambs. So he is stuck out in a field with the ewe lambs. Who are a little crazy and lead him down the wrong path a couple of times. Bear says " I was only running to follow them not chase them" Yeah right I say.

Other news. Rob has been sold to a nice young guy in Tennessee. Rob is going to help Garrett with his ever growing flock. Scott and Jenny have offered to take Rob to Kentucky with them to save on flying. I will get to meet Garrett and deliver Rob to him at The Bluegrass. 
I have been feverishly trying to get my dogs ready for our trip south. Working in different fields on different sheep. Each dog approaches new experiences differently. Meg goes the slow and cautious route. Where as Craig goes the fast and furious direction. It is going to make life interesting. Only a couple weeks left to cram all the experiences into Craig before we leave. No matter what happens I am determined to have a good time and met lots of new people.

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