Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Robin French is stressing me out

I know weird title eh!! But it's true. Robin writes a blog Shoofly Farm and two days in a row she has written about the looming deadline to The Bluegrass Classic. It is exactly six weeks from today that I will go to the post in Kentucky. Thanks to Robin I am now feverishly trying to find places to train my dogs that isn't knee deep in snow. I have been fully aware for months that the time was approaching just not ready to deal with it. I am going to the Bluegrass with a totally new team.

Meg is my open dog and this will be the first time we have ran in a open field trial together.

Craig is my nursery/ Open Ranch dog
This is Craig's first year of trialing. He has loads of potential just lacks the experience and miles on him. Craig spent the winter with Scott Glen and came back to me a month ago. So we lack experience as a team as well.

Game faces on

One of my smaller fields is sort of workable so I am doing what I can there

Meg needs snowshoes and a snorkel at times.

One thing I have been able to do is condition the dogs. We are up to running 10 km (6.5 Miles) with the quad. I try to do it everyday but sometimes life gets in the way. I have three dogs that run three different speeds. 

Craig is right beside me

Isla way out front

And Meg usually trailing if not falling behind.
Isla and Craig often get tired of running Meg's speed. It is boring to them.

The snow banks are still over my head.

I look forward to meeting Robin French and sharing with her how much she stressed me out.


Robin French said...

Well now there's a strange blog title to run across.... ;-)

What are you worried about, look at all those gorgeous big open fields!? I'm drooling here.

Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

That is true I do have lots of big open fields. But most are knee deep in snow. See you at BG

Camp said...

I think you are doing great--working close at hand (if you can't do it correctly close, well) and keeping the dogs fit. You will be way ahead of the game bringing your dogs PREPARED for the weather. So glass half full...stop stressing and start remembering this is gonna be a great trip to the U.S. with those wonderful dogs!

a big fan!