Friday, July 22, 2011

Calgary Stampede final Chapter

I have started this blog about 50 times and then something happens and I forget to save it. As always Calgary did not disappoint this year. Some people go to Las Vegas once a year not us we decide to enter the Calgary Stampede instead. Yes the entry fees are high and it can be a pain to get parking or camping but it is so worth it in the end. This year was no exception. There was lots of food, some liquor, a rodeo and even some sheep.
The first go went well for both my dogs. We were among the few who actually penned. In the end of day one Meg was third and Isla was 7th. Day money is always a good thing.
Day two started bright and early. All 66 dogs ran through starting at 8:00 Am with the finals that night. Isla ran first and didn't get the pen. I wasn't to concerned because if history was to repeat it self one pen and a good chute time would get you into the finals. Meg had a really good run and penned her sheep. Meg and I were among to few with two pens. Which meant we were defiantly in the finals. I am very happy with little Meggie she is getting the hang of this arena trial thing.

The afternoon we blew off some stream and went to the rodeo.

The good news after the rodeo was that both my dogs had made it to the finals. I was one of only three handlers who qualified two dogs. Isla ran first and had a stand off with a cheviot ewe. Never a good thing with Isla who lacks patience. In the end she gripped off at the chute. Meg ran toward the end. She had a good run but we ran into trouble at the pen. It took me what seemed like forever to get the sheep penned. After some quick cutting horse moves from me I finally got them penned. Not quick enough to make any money but good enough for 6th place. Below is the video thanks to Kristi Oikawa


Mario the Salsa Dancer said...

The finals were incredible and intense!! Nice work Meg and Louanne!! Remember, if the cutting horse maneuvers don't work always default to the fencing maneuvers :)

Doniene said...

Nice work!!! It's always fun to see things in action!

Handhills Border Collies said...

So proud of you we watched you on the web cast and rooooooted you on great job!!!