Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Craig update

We are at the six and a half week mark now. Only a couple more weeks left until we go back to the surgeon for  x-rays and he can decide if Craig's leg is good to go or another couple of weeks extra. We are all hoping for the OK sign. Last week Craig developed a skin infection on his foot and upper leg due to the moisture the builds up under the bandage. So my vet opted to remove the bandage and let his skin heal. It took a little getting used to being able to see the screws sticking out of his leg.

Joe is still sitting by Craig's x-pen not because he is concerned for Craig but he wants to eat his food.  


Sarah said...

awww glad Craig is recovering well! that posty screwy thing looks rather scary.

... oh Joe so cute too :)

Anonymous said...

Glad for the update. Craig's leg looks good, (even with the screws sticking out)and looks like he is so ready to go back to work!!! Joe is sweet too!! Thanks so much for this update was thinking it was time for it!!!


Monique said...

Paws crossed for awesome news at the recheck x-rays!

gvmama said...

Craig looks mentally ready to go. Hope the x-rays show good healing. I remember when Kilt wore a splint for 3 months due to a broken toe. We had the same trouble with the moisture. Betadine (drying) and exposure to air healed her right up.