Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bow Valley Classic trial

I really have not much to show from this trial. I took one picture and the only money I came home with was a refund cheque from scratching Craig from Nursery. This year Ian and JoAnn moved their trial to a different location. Equally as much terrain and challenge as the old place. As always they ran a good show.
The first day Meg and I had a good run. Even shed and penned for a score of 85. Any other time that might have been good to place but not here the top scores were in the mid 90's. That's why I love trialing in Alberta just when you think you bring your game up everyone else has as well. Keeps you on your toes.
Second day we ran in the afternoon with the temperature very high and the wind blowing. Meg couldn't hear, her fetch was way off line. At the drive away panel she just lied down and looked at me "what the heck do you want" So I walked off.
Monday top 12 dogs got to play in the double lift. 
I was recruited to do some setting so Wendy could have a well deserved break. Me who had not been on a horse for two years and a dog who had never been worked from a horse. It took meg a couple seconds to figure out where I was. She only tried to heel the horse once.
Below is the only picture I took the whole weekend.

Congrats to Scott Glen and Maid on their double lift win.

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