Monday, November 5, 2007

getting you up to speed

OK, So I am going to get everyone up to date with us. In July we moved to a new place. We got tired of the neighbours complaining about our sheep and dogs. So we packed up and found our perfect place. 110 Acres all game fenced and ready for my sheep. The house is a small manufactured home that we plan on selling and building something bigger in a couple of years.

The first thing we needed was kennels for the dogs and we found an awesome building that worked out perfectly.It is 16ft wide by 14ft long. I managed to fit six runs in it and the dogs are very happy.

The next thing we did was to build some smaller pens. So I had somewhere to work some young dogs.

I have four Border Collies right now. Isla will be three in December and she is so full of her self right now. She started off with a bang this year get a qualifying leg for the USBCHA nursery finals. But never quite pulled it together to get a second.
(sorry Jenny we would have loved to be there with you and Laddie)
My number two dog is Kipp. My great hope for the future(no pressure). Kipp will be two in December and will be my Nursery dog for next year. We really have our work cut out for us this winter. We are going to the finals this year come hell or high water.
I guess Dru would be number three. She is almost 15months and still trying to figure out this game. She is a little on the soft side and heavy on the pouty side.I swear my next dog will be a male. Some days I would much rather work Kipp than argue with the girls. They can just be so bitchy. I also have a 18 month old little red dog I am putting some training on and then plan to sell her.
Last but certainly not least is the two honorary pets Jet and Fox. Jet my retired agility dog and Fox is our token little dog JRT. Fox lives in the house with us and Jet is there to make the other border collies run faster.
Stay turned for more updates. It get better I promise. Her is a hint it has to do with Kyle doing the dishes and the fire department.

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