Friday, November 16, 2007

The ramblings of an empty nester

So Kyle is off to LasVegas for a guys trip and Justice is staying in town to hang out with his buddies. Too cool to hang out with his mom. So what to do?

I am having fun with dogs right now. Two girls in season and two boys who think they need to duel for their affection. Poor Kipp he is such a sensitive guy he always ends up getting his feelings hurt.

I start to clean up around the yard because is has been warm lately and you know what warm in November means is southern Alberta. WIND and when I say wind I mean like blow trucks off the road wind. So most of the neighbours trash ends up in our yard. As I am cleaning up the I start to noticed we are growing this weed that seemed to be everywhere and must be growing because I know I picked up mounds of it when we first moved here in July. What is this weed you ask? Baler Twine. I am not sure what people are thinking when they just leave twine on the ground. I am hear to tell you people please pick up your twine for my sanity.

What else to do? Hmmm

Watch Ghost Whisperer and no hockey or video games.

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