Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Update Part 2

The trial season sped by. In September Penny and I made the trek to Solider Hollow Classic. We entered our dogs in the AHBA trial that runs in the field beside the open field. Had a great time even though it was super hot. My dogs Isla and Kipp both made it to the AHBA finals. I opted not to run Kipp in order to let a local person run in the finals. In the end Isla ended up in second place and we brought home a nice silver medal.(thanks to my friend Vicki Atkins for taking a pic with our medal). Coleen, Robin and their crew did a great job running this trial and I would recommend going if you get the chance. The big field was awesome to see. I would love to run my dogs on that hill. (Someday)

After Utah our trialing sort of went downhill. Isla decided she knows better than me and it was a challenge just to get around the course. We went to the Canadian Finals to run in the nursery. Didn't do much better there.

I had to come home early from the finals because our house caught on fire and we lost our kitchen. Kyle decided to turn on the dishwasher before he went to town for supper. When he got home the whole house was filled with smoke and all he could do was call 911. That brings you up to date. We are now living in our Holiday trailer till what looks like February. Our house has been gutted because of the severe smoke damage through out. The rebuilding is going to take some time.

Tomorrow we are off to Farm fair in Edmonton to watch our cattle at the show. We have a small herd of lowline cattle( a small version of black Angus). Below is a picture of our bull Rascal.(Kyle says he is going to win it all) Rascal is full grown and stands just above your waist.
I will let you all know how it goes. TTYL

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