Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nothing new

Nothing much new this week. Just trying to get by as we wait for spring to arrive. The house is slowly coming along. They have started to build the cabinets and hope to have them done by friday. Still hoping to move back in by the end of Feburary.
I would like to welcome my friend Lisa to the world of Blogging. She has been added to my favorite bloggers list. Now despite what Lisa may say I am not a Blog Dictator. I simply suggested that she keep her blog up to date or certain people might stop reading. I recieve alot of blog pressure to keep things going. Mostly it comes from people who don't even have a blog lets call him Mr. M. You know who you are. He has no idea what it takes to write a blog. Like Jenny says "It is a creative process that needs to be thought out carefully and dosen't happen overnight"

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