Monday, February 25, 2008

Sheep and Dog weekend

Since we are all jammed in our holiday trailer. I have found the need to take off the odd weekend. This weekend was devoted to the sheep and dogs. On Saturday morning I loaded up the dogs and head north to Olds college for a one day lambing seminar. Seeing as how I have never lambed before I thought I could have something to learn. I had a great time and the day was well worth it. I decided to stay in Red Deer at a friends house then on Sunday we could work our dogs. Sunday morning we took the dogs for a long walk and then made a be line for Tim Hortons of course. And then off to another friends house to met up for lunch and some doggin fun. It was a good day. A little chilly but not to bad. Some of the best things about having dogs is just hanging out with other dog friends and workin' dogs.

Not much else new. Just waiting for spring to come. The house looks to be at least another couple of weeks away from being done. It can't come soon enough.

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