Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter camp almost like summer camp

Some peoples children beg their parnets to go to summer camp and some parents bag their children to go to camp. Well my boy really wanted to go to camp but not in the summer but in the winter. He has been so busy playing and making friends he has not even called or written home. Thank goodness that head camp counsellor Jenny has sent me some pics of Kipp and friends doing their favorite activities.

Learning to share

Connecting with relatives

playing football (the huddle)

Running for the end zone

And finally the tackle
Ok really it is not all just fun and games. I sent Kipp to the man himself Scott Glen for some fine tuning before the trial season begins. Scott has become pretty good at fixing my mistakes. Something you might not know about Scott is that he is also a pretty good golfer. It's true I witnessed it myself.

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manymuddypaws said...

too funny! love the "camp" pics...and I bet you could use that golfing pic as blackmail somewhere along the line!