Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crunch time or craming

We are about a week away until our first field trial of the year. Penny and I are heading off to British Columbia on Thursday morning for our 8 hour drive. Boy, the things we do to get to a dog trial. To get to the Stirling Acre trial involves driving through the rocky mountains so we are praying for no snow. Which could happen anytime of the year.

It is pretty much do or die time. I don't think Kipp is really ready for this trial but both of us need some experience under our belts. Our motto is "never weakin". All this week I am loading up my sheep and driving them to my back pasture for some long out runs and some driving practice.

This was only the second time my dogs and my sheep have been in this field. Any boy did it show. My sheep are Katahdin running bastards. Sort of like Mexican jumping beans only not. No matter how dogged they get the never get heavy. Made it easy for my dogs to run after them or quickly flank around them and bring them back to me. With all disregard to me whistling my head off. It is going to be a long week. I really hope that my neighbours can't hear me. They must think I am a crazy dog lady.

Anyways they both have their outruns down pretty well. Kipp could stand to go a little deeper at the top but not bad. When it came to the driving he needs some practice. He seemed to get so far away and panic. The sheep would start moving faster so he would just flank around like some sort of safety net. Oh man is it to late to chicken out.

On a good note Isla is working really well and has been for the last month or so. She is my "go to" dog for sorting sheep, loading trailers and anything else that needs to be done. I am super happy with her.

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Jenny Holden said...

LOL, they sound like my Shetlands... sheep... but almost as fast as a collie!