Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A few of our favorite things

This blog is dedicated to some or our favorite things. By our I mean me and the dogs. There are so many things that make my day much easier but a couple things come to mind right away. First is my Polaris ranger. I fought this purchase didn't really think we needed another ATV. After the first couple of times using it I realized it is more then just an ATV. By the way it is also one of Kipp and Isla's favorite things.

My second favorite thing is our driveway alarm. Lets me know when ever someone has drove in our yard. This Innocent looking birdhouse is our high security.

Dru's favorite thing is chasing Jet. Which is good because one of Jet's favorite thing is being a lure coursing rabbit for the border collies.

Jet's other favorite thing is coming in the house. See before I started this whole stockdog thing Jet used to be a house dog all though not a very good one. Hence the reason she is in the kennel now. she only comes in every once in awhile because she gets to hot.

Of course Isla and Kipp's favorite thing is working sheep.When not working Isla is at my feet or close behind me.Kipp's second favorite thing is his red ball.

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