Monday, April 14, 2008

My new sport

Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt durning the making of this sport.

The people that used to live here before us had buffalo. Therefore the neighbours dogs stayed off of our property. But ever since we moved in last year they have gotten braver and braver. The Alberta government has used a program to deter bears from coming close to were humans live. Basically what they do is use Karilian Bear dogs to chase the bears away to a safe zone. Well my new sport is sort of like that only instead of Bear dog I use border collies and instead of bears we were chasing a springer spaniel and a Great Pyrenees.
What happened was I was out running my dogs with the ranger when we saw the neighbours dogs out in one of our fields. My dogs were off like a shot. I have never seen two dogs run so fast in my life. It was so funny. I will say that my dogs would never have hurt their dogs. I could have called my dogs off but it seemed to be working to scare the neighbours dogs off.
Our next step in the detering process is to install electornet fencing along where they seem to be getting through the game fence.

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