Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Abe and Meg
I have known Abe Marshal for sometime now and I have never known him to like surprises or large crowds of people. When Abe's friend Dixie decided to put together a little surprise party to celebrate Abe being in Canada for 50 years we all decided to go along with it. So slowly one by one Abe's doggin friends started showing up. I think when Randy and his wife Val showed up with a punch bowl and various party snacks he started to think something was a foot. Abe then decided he better go in the house and put on some cleaner close. We had a day of working dogs and a great supper to end it all. I do think Abe enjoyed himself after all of the surprises were over.
I will never forget the first time I met Abe. I had shown up at Randy's with Jet to work her on sheep. As soon as Abe saw Jet he asked me " what are you going to do with that thing?" That's what I love about Abe always willing to tell me what he thinks of my dogs. When I told him I wanted to eventually trial her Abe told me "how about I sell you a real dog" A couple years later I finally bought a real dog. When I showed up with Tom my blue Merle border collie. Poor Abe almost fell over. He said to Randy "this girl is never going to learn"
Below are some pics from the day.
Penny and Abe

Grant and Wisp


Lisa and I
Also Isla in the background eagerly waiting her turn
That rainbow stuck around for most of the day. That must be good luck. I just wanted that Penny and Lisa for the pictures. As usual I was to busy talking to take any pictures.

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