Monday, June 9, 2008

This is why I own dogs

OK, I will admit that the dogs came before the sheep. But if I had sheep and no dogs things would be alot different. Today I found out how easy it can be.
I noticed that one of my ewes was standing in the shed all by herself and the rest of the flock was way at the other end on the field. For those of you that have sheep you know that sheep never stand off by them selves unless something is wrong. So I grabbed Isla out of the kennel and went to the field to see what the deal was. The ewe was a bit unsettled being by herself and all. So I used Isla to hold her in the shed while I took a look at her. I noticed her face seems swollen. Weird. While I was in the shed the rain started to bucketing down hard. I wanted to compare her head to the rest of the sheep so I could see how bad it was swollen. But I was not about to got out to the end of the field in the pouring rain. So I told Isla to look back and off she went. Not even knowing where the sheep were and she probably never saw them until she was right beside them. She had to cross the creek twice as she ran back to the end on the field. I just waited in the shed and pretty soon through the willows I saw Isla bringing the sheep to me. She pushed them across the creek and into the shed. What a dog!!!!

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