Friday, March 6, 2009

3 weeks old

Thank goodness for the puppies other wise I would not have very much to blog about. Mother nature has been very cruel to us this week. Started out plus 10 and snow was melting like crazy. Which also meant that my outdoor arena was under a foot of water. Bad weather rolled in Wednesday night minus 20 and 100 km/hr winds. My arena is now under a foot of ice. I had to cancel all of my lessons for awhile until mother nature figures out what she wants to do. In the meantime I have rented the arena to the local NHL hockey time to practice. Just kidding. I have a Friend with a semi bare field I am hoping to use next week to work dogs. Now what you all have been waiting for puppies pics.

Boy 1

Girl 1

Boy 2

Girl 2

From the front the girls look almost identical. The only difference is one has a big white collar. Boy 2 is the biggest of all of the pups we call him big ben.


An English Shepherd said...

They are gettng bigger :-)

Jenny Glen said...

YOU CAN'T CALL YOUR PUP BIG BEN! That's what I've been calling OUR biggest pup!

Louanne said...

Really like there isn't two border collies named ben already. LOL