Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a graduation of sorts

I spent the day in Calgary helping out with a dog trial. I dodged a bullet by not announcing. Trust me no one wants to hear my voice amplified. I came home to this.

and this

and this empty

Clearly they are trying to tell me something. So we will try it without the box for a while. Everyone is overjoyed.

Except for Isla
"What do you mean I can't get away from them anymore"

All is well in the end

I have a little insider trader tip for my readers. Invest in newspaper because apparently I am going to need a whole lot of it.


Lynda said...

so what is this? The boys just play with each other and the girls with each other.
I think your quiet time is over for awhile.
I see some demanding pups who think they know what they want.

gr8bcs said...

Great, Louanne. The newspaper industry needs all the help it can get!

Sarah said...

funny, i was thinking what Lynda was, the Boys and the Girls play with eachother!

Do they do that alot?

that photo of Isla looking from inside the Xpen is super cute!

Louanne said...

I think they pair off like this becasue the girls are more develpomental ahead of the boys.The girls are palying and the boys are sleeping.

Sarah said...

Typical haha