Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeding time

I fed the pups today and they dug right in

After eating what else is there to do but Wrestle

this little man is quickly becoming my favorite

Many people have asked if all the pups are sold. The answer is yes they are. I am keeping two, a boy and a girl, one of the girls is going to some good friends and the other boy is going to another friend in Edmonton.


WalkOn Border Collies said...

He is SO adorable, no surprise he would steal your heart! Any names yet?

Kara said...

All the puppies are gorgeous! the boys are rather striking with their dark tri markings.

Lynda said...

I would love to come down and visit you and see the puppies!
What is friday like?

manymuddypaws said...

they are looking more and more like real dogs! it will be neat to be able to see them all grow up!

Donna Brinkworth said...

What a face! It will be neat to see what name he winds up with! That is one of my favourite things, is naming a dog. He is just adorable.