Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh boy has it been a long winter!!

This winter seems to be never ending. We got another foot of snow this weekend on top of the snow, ice, mud and water we already had. Makes feeding sheep and cows very interesting. This long winter has brought along with it boredom, depression, anxiety, and just a general feeling of restlessness. And what do most women do when they are having these overwhelming feelings? Go shopping. So far I bought my self this new toy. amongst other pieces of sheep handling equipment.

The other thing I am shopping for is not as easy to find. I would like a new trial dog. One I can run in Open or move up to open by the end of the season. Insert random border collie picture here.

I know what you are going to say mom "another dog!!" Here is my crazy woman winter blues reasoning. The pups won't be ready to run for at least two years, at this rate Risk may not be ready to run next year or at all if he doesn't stop trying to kill sheep. That leaves me three years of only running one dog. I know what you are all thinking "For shame Gasp!"
Not an easy task. To quote my famous friend "Just pick a winner"
So if any of my readers out there have a winner that I can take off of their hands just let me know.

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An English Shepherd said...

Probably a bit far to get one from over here !Good luck finding a good dog :-)