Friday, October 30, 2009

The monster I have created

Now that Bracken has been shown what her true mission is life is there is no stopping her. Not even our 2000lbs Angus bulls. Last week I was pretty sure she was going to die. We were just finishing our morning walk and we had to walk past the bull pasture. Which has never been a problem in the past. This day the bulls were standing next to the fence and Bracken decided they should be moved. Imagine this image but little 8 month old sprightly Bracken on the nose of our bull.

Disclaimer: this is not Bracken just a pic I took off the Internet. But this is exactly what it looked like.
Scary I know

There was nothing I could do. I had two other dogs with me I was trying to control. She was full on nose biting and heeling the two bulls. At one point she got kicked and rolled. She got back up and went right back at them. At that point all I could think of was how much my cattle dog friends would be drooling. I was pretty sure she had broken something but it was not stopping her. She got kicked a second time and then decided she had enough and finally came back to me. I proceeded to carry her home so she didn't get into anymore shenanigans.
It was at that point I decided maybe she needed to be worked more than once a week. Once a week has just caused more problems than anything.

We are working on her call off of stock. When she gets out of her run she goes hunting for something to herd. Be it cows or sheep. Today she discovered the pasture with the new lambs I just bought. She was like a fly trying to get through a screen door. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. She is fun and exhausting at the same time.


Lynda said...

oh oh , hang on lou!!

Emma Rose said...

Oh my gosh! That is really scary. Hope she is ok. Did she break anything?