Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving cattle

Couple of days ago Kyle needed help moving some of our cattle from our west pasture to the pasture just north of our house. Usually Kyle's dad does all the cattle help but this time he was away for work meetings. I have a strong hatred for the cows they take up to much room and suck up most of our money. Anyways I love going out west and brought Isla along for the ride.
Isla thinks she likes working cows but let me assure you she is no cowdog. I think if she worked cows regularly she would learn to love it because she does like to bite. I have just taken to much bite out of her due to our sheep trialing career.
As soon as we got there she knew what was going on. Also our cows are not dog broke so it could be dangerous to send her in there on her own. So I used her to drive the cows to the alley. I was always right behind her if she ran into a strapy cow. Instead we ran into a strapy calf.

I let her handle it because there was no danger of getting kicked or ran over by a big cow.

She did a really nice nose bite here but I missed it with the camera. However after the nose bite she wanted to chase the calf and teach it some more lessons.
Safe and sound in the corral.

Funny thing was we were not the only ones moving cows that day. We ran into this herd on the way out.

And a different herd on the way back west to pick up another load. I must say I would have been a way happier volunteer if we were moving cows with horses and dogs. These guys had the right idea.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

Wow Louanne, those are fantastic pictures! I am going to send a link to your blog to friends back home! Donna