Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pups on sheep

I have been taking the pups to sheep a couple times a week now. Craig just came home from his two month old Caughlin family vacation. So he is a couple weeks behind Bracken. Which works out good because Craig is not as ready as Bracken. She is all business on sheep very serious and has a crazy look in her eye. Bracken also has taken it upon her self to move the cows a couple of times. She reminds me so much on her mom. I wish I had taken video of Isla training on sheep than I could compare them two. Craig is more of a boy. Not really sure what he is suppose to do. He seems to really want to drive rather than get around the sheep. I am not really training them to do anything just moving around the pen. Some circling and fetching. No lie downs in fact I don't same anything. Very hard for me not to say anything.
On Sunday I thought they looked so cute I wanted to take some pics of them on sheep. Below is the result of that plan.

Cute and stylish aren't they?
Not really sure what I was thinking. Eight month old pups, a camera and some sheep. Clearly not my best idea.


livin life said...

OMgosh...I CAN NOT stop laughing! Thanks for sharing!!!!!


Donna Brinkworth said...

I was going to comment on how much I loved your photos in the previous post! Maybe I will still say so. The photos on this post are just a bit more 'artsy!'

gvmama said...

Boy, do I know where you are coming from.....LOL I'm always trying to film my dogs while they are working...not an easy task!

Ruth said...

LOL! it happens all the time to me too!